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Fluffy Jumpers

Posted on January 16, 2013

There’s not much I like more than a bit of fluff and fur (faux obviously). So, although the current fluffy jumper trend is not always the most flattering, I just can’t resist. They might not be sexy or figure-hugging…..but they’re fluffy! And cuddly and snuggly! If a fluffy jumper doesn’t win you a hug then I don’t know what will. (Obviously a slinky sequinned dress will get you a different type of hug but have you ever tried to snuggle sequins?)

Fuzzy Bear 1

My current favourite is this Gestuz Brigade Knit jumper (above), a steal at £20 (75% off) at Donna Ida. And a year on, I’m still getting great use out of this Jeanne Blush Goody jumper.


This is probably my most used item of clothing in the last year – I wore it during every season. It’s not available any more but there is a similar one for sale (over 50% off) at


Fluffy jumpers are all over the high street this winter and the good news, for those of us who live in a climate where we will get 12 months a year wear out of them, is that many of them are on sale at the moment.

This jumper from Topshop has sequins AND fluff and is over 50% off at the moment.

Topshop fluffy jumper

Only small sizes left but it’s pretty oversized and looks like you could fit a couple of people into a small one. have a good range of fluffy jumpers. All the better if they are soft and warm too. My favourite is this angora mix jumper, reduced from £32 to £22.


Oh look, they have it in my size. Oh no, I’ve just clicked the Buy, Buy, BUY button! Now look what you’ve made me go and do!

Don’t forget, if you are shopping at Asos, make sure to pay in sterling – there is a significant discount over paying in Euro.

Finally, if you’re feeling flush, here is a jumper from Ganni is a gorgeous forest green – available at



I will definitely give you a cuddle (or a little rub of the arm if you prefer) when you wear your fluffy jumper.

And, as always, remember to google for discount codes before you buy.

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