Zara black and white shoes

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Posted on February 8, 2013

Black and white shoes by Zara (above). They are already in the post so I’ll do a photo of them next week. I usually steer clear of anything that precludes me wearing socks or thick tights, being a cold-blooded creature, but look – they’re so cute. With stripes too. Will just have to compensate with a big woolly jumper, hat, scarf, coat and many layers underneath.


Oasis stripe jumper

Oasis stripe jumper. I have tried this on and it is tighter than it looks on the model so you may have to give it a miss if you are “curvy” like me.


Celapiu cowl

Woven cowl by Celapiu from Etsy. I have actually had this since last winter and it is so handy – warm and snug and goes with almost everything. And fits neatly into your handbag!


Baukjen Suzie jumper

Suzie jumper by Baukjen. This is from Isabella Oliver’s non-maternity range. They do a lot of basic jersey tops and dresses that look great and seem to get good reviews. They are expensive compared to Topshop/Zara/Miss Selfridge, which is the main reason I haven’t taken the plunge yet. Maybe wait for a sale.

Zara black and white sweatshirt

Black and white sweatshirt by TRF at Zara. Perfect if you just want to allude to the stripe and/or black and white trends around at the moment.

What Others Are Saying

  1. Joanna February 9, 2013 at 8:46 pm–boots/ballet-pumps/Black-snake-panel-pointed-ballet-pumps-630692
    Saw these in RiverIsland today and thought of you. Tried them on and they didn’t really suit my long skinny foot but they do look very cute all the same.

  2. Fiona February 10, 2013 at 7:13 pm

    They are cute but I think one pair of black and white shoes that I’ll hardly ever wear due to the cold is enough!

    I’ve just won the Baukjen top on eBay (£16!) so will post a photo when it arrives.

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