How have women’s lives changed in a generation?

In 1970, Ireland was a very different country for women. A woman could not sit on a jury or keep her job in the public service when she got married. She could not buy contraceptives, refuse marital relations with her husband, live in a different place to him, get a barring order against him or divorce him. Just over a quarter of women had jobs outside the home and those that did could expect to earn about half as much as men. Continue Reading →

Isn’t it time to start making women’s health a priority?

I belong to a minority group. I am more likely to die of a preventable disease than my peers in other countries. My risk of death from a stroke, heart disease or cancer is one of the highest in Europe. I am considered too incompetent and untrustworthy to make a decision regarding my own reproductive health and I have no right of access to treatment for medical issues in this regard.

I am a woman living in Ireland. Continue Reading →